Ode to the Unicorn

For about roughly a year now, I’ve had Unicorns on the brain and in my heart. I’ve seen an image of one, heard someone say “unicorn” or have seen it written out every day within the last year.


I started to wonder what it meant for me and what was the purpose of this oh-so-in-my-face message? I wondered what it meant to have a unicorn as one’s spirit animal. One website read:

“If UNICORN shows up, it means: It is time to pursue any creative interests that you have suppressed.  Let go of worries and have fun. You are going to experience a surge of personal power, use it wisely.

Call on UNICORN when: You want to recapture the sense of awe and magic. You’re feeling a call to get something artistic going and not sure what to do or how to get started.

If UNICORN is your POWER ANIMAL:  You are attuned to Mother Nature and care deeply about the environment. You like working with highly sensitive children who have psychic or intuitive gifts.”

I started really thinking about this and realized that the piece that spoke the most to me was “Let go of worries and have fun” What a concept!? That was it!!!! When was the last time I had FUN?! When was the last time YOU had fun?

Life is way too short to take ourselves soooo seriously.

Seriousness - be gone!
Seriousness – be gone!

I hope in reading this, you will bring the magic (Unicorn or otherwise) into your life and give yourself permission to have fun; whatever the timing: one minute, one hour, one day or one lifetime.

What can you do right now for yourself that will allow fun and ease into your world? Think of what it is and DO IT! Your inner child will thank you for it.

Unicorn blessings,

O, this was the animal that never was.

They did not know, but loved him anyway:

his smooth neck, graceful movements, 

and the quiet light in his eyes.

True, he never was. But since they loved him,

a pure creature came to be. They made space for him.

And in this space, so clear and free and unbounded, 

he easily lifted up his head and barely needed

what we call existence.

They nourished him, not with grain,

but always with the possibility of Being.

And this endowed the creature with such power

that a horn grew out of its forehead. One horn.

He went to a virgin, glistening white – and there,

inside a silver mirror and inside her, he was.

~ Rainer Maria Rilke, Sonnets to Orpheus 2/4

translated from the German by Rod McDaniel

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