Signs all around

Hello my beautiful friends! I hope this finds you grounded and well loved. This post is about change, deep vibrational and cellular change. I feel in the last year or so, changes have been happening all around me, both big and small. As I’m writing this now, I looked a the time and it’s 2:34. I see these numbers ALL the time, 111, 555, 888, 711, 611, 211, 222, 234, 456, 654… the list goes on and on. I used to get so overwhelmed with all these numbers! I’ve looked up their meanings so many times that I no longer have to do so and able to savor the moment when I’m being spoken to. I’m so thankful for these messages because it’s been a tough year. I felt as though I didn’t want to be around the energy of society anymore –  hermit much?! I was tired, physically and mentally and grossed out by the world and how nasty we can be to one another and the planet. I was only wanting to use the little energy I had for my girls. I knew something was happening, but wasn’t sure what. I felt very much like a bear, wanting to hibernate for the Winter (although it was summer – strange!) I went through a while where I only spent time with people that gave me energy and tried to sleep as much as I could. I spoke about it one day and referenced it as an upheaval of my soul – then I got chills.. which happens when I’m speaking the truth about something. It was so exhausting, and I guess it would be – changing on such a fundamental level.

It always amazes me how the body/soul takes over and works their own magic of change while the mind is consumed with other things. At some point the mind catches up and thinks, “hey now, what the heck just happened?!” the body responds with a sly grin, possibly a wink. 😉

I’m at the point now where I’m still tired, but am bordering on a new energy so I have something pulling me forward as well as the old stuck energy keeping/pulling me backwards – and yes, it’s as tiring as it sounds! I’m growing into the me I’m supposed to be now, almost 40 and being called in to the world as a healer. Throughout this time of change, I’ve been seeing these angel numbers, connecting with people from my tribe, energized by family, connecting with crystals, my baby Buddha, Reiki, the list goes on.

I’m reminding everyone to reach out to those things that bring you peace, joy, stillness, connection and love as each step takes you further along the path just remember to ask yourself if it’s the direction that you are meant to go. If you struggle at all with this and need someone to connect with, reach out! It’s always wonderful connecting with like minded people.



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  1. Tanya Francis says:

    ❤ Love you girl ❤

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