The last Unicorn

What does this mean? I see it in my daughters. I watch this movie and reflect on what it means. What is a Unicorn? People use the symbol too often and too willy nilly. It’s unique and too special to use the emoji…It’s a rarity. Are you are rarity? Are you different than the masses?

What do you give to this world that actually forwards our mankind? WHAT? Is it a quick fast gimmick? Does that help people? yes, short term, but long term, what does that help? It feeds the instantaneous impulse to be better. What do you want to BE? What do you yearn for?

I have sought coaching as a passion but found out people are wanting something else. They want a quick fix and are too far behind for me to help. Yes, some wonder, “what’s out there for me” but a lot ask, “how can you help me?”

Be a fucking unicorn and pave your own way. Stand up for yourself! Change the world, in a good way. Speak your truth, love others and be YOU!

I guarantee that the next mlm or next get rich quick scheme won’t make you happy. I see too much of this stuff. Pollutes my page. Find your heart, not the addictive energy, find you. Dedicate 100% to this and make a difference, a real difference.

Give back to the earth and our brothers and sisters, no matter what. All we have is what is and if you focus on yourself, we are all doomed.

Fight for our children and grandchildren! Start LOVING!

What I had to say is on behalf of the unicorns our there and my babies.. Much LOVE. PLEASE be kind xo



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