It’s been way too long, friends

Hello lovely readers. How does this post find you? Happy, healthy, restless, hungry, annoyed, overjoyed or all of the above? I’m not too sure where I’m going with this post nor where it will end up so I will keep typing and let it flow. CHANGE This has been my life in the last few…

Obsessed with aakasha!!!

Love this designer’s style and attention to detail! Check it out for yourself at      

Imagine if…

We all just took a breath, relaxed, let go and loved? I imagine my world would look something like this.. What would yours look like? Sending lots of love xo  

Have you learned to trust your intuition?

Along the same lines, this article by Laurra Warnke is a great reminder; 5 reasons why you don’t hear your intuition.. Do you know what your intuition sounds like and how you hear it best? When was the last time you heard it? Blessings, xoxo  

Fear. Let’s not take it into our future

My fear? Being out in front of a crowd..fear of messing up, making a mistake, fear of others opinions of me… For the last little while, I’ve been trying to work at and through this. It no longer serves me and I don’t want another year to go by and not address it. For some,…

8 Signs To Follow On Your Road To Simpler Holidays

This is beautiful and so timely. As the holidays approach faster and faster, time and self care are diminished or even non-existent. Here is a reminder on slowing down and appreciating you and all you have surrounding you. This Season, simple seems the direction more people long to go. Sounds simple, until you start making plans…

Who do you call family ?

I’m requesting that you give a moment to remember all the amazing people you have in your life, that you’ve let in to your heart, have been vulnerable with and who you call your family. Here’s to love, support and hugs, Jenna xo