8 Signs To Follow On Your Road To Simpler Holidays

This is beautiful and so timely. As the holidays approach faster and faster, time and self care are diminished or even non-existent. Here is a reminder on slowing down and appreciating you and all you have surrounding you.

This Season, simple seems the direction more people long to go. Sounds simple, until you start making plans and lists and promises. Then it hits you getting to simple gets complicated. All your inner roads leading there seem jam-packed. How can we find our way?

Here are 8 familiar signs to follow from the road – to help you get to Simple:

Speed Limit: Do you know yours? Not just the one on your street but the limit set and wired for your unique body, mind and spirit. How fast is truly good for you? Are you speeding just to keep up with the traffic? Crawling along on route to a dead stop? No right or wrong way, only your way. Simply know it, set it and honor it.

Lane Merges:As will plans, people and collisions if you don’t allow a space for another’s thoughts to merge safely before yours, if only for a moment. Maybe you’ll need to change lanes entirely. It’s not about being a road mat. But asking yourself simply, how important is it?

Bumps in Road: A bump is a bump. Not a mountain. Want to keep it simple?

Go over it gently and save blowing out your tires or your adrenal glands.

Deer Crossing: Beauty may pop up unawares in front of you at any moment. Then suddenly these innocents can be in harm’s way. Watch out for your power and the heavy impact your words can carry.       Especially with small children.

Green (Means Go:) And where presents may be purchased, it also means money. Try paying in cash if your credit card is wiped from being wiped. Simply, this can change your life.

Red Means Stop: Every hour on the hour and give thanks. Setting sixty timed seconds to remember who you are and all you have been given will make the next hour right sized.

No U Turn: Remember the past but don’t try turning back in that old direction. You won’t find it exactly as you left it. Live each moment forward.

Quiet Zone: Simply put, find yours. Or create makeshift as needed along the path. One may be also be that space that has the cell phone sign with the thick red line.

The ancient Chinese Philosopher, Lao Tsu said, “Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the Source of your being.

This is my wish for us all. Receiving the gift you will never wish to return.

Props to Archetypes

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